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Just the Jist

Sat Oct 8, 2011, 12:55 PM
6:00 am, a loud scream and a thump that shakes the house, one hole in the wall, help me!, 2 trips to the ER, 2 paramedic rides ($$$), neighbors wake up, homeless people, lots of laundry, fixing bathrooms, waiting rooms, taking the edge off,  5 grand mal seizures, two cat scans, one EEG, twenty five or more temporal seizures, Vicoden, Keppra,  no good news, what if, emergency brain surgery again?, no. Hours of driving, smiling, flowers, bring her home, something is still wrong, pictures of Jared, more screaming, nightmares, sleep deprivation, early release, hospital cafeteria, no parking,  missing work too many times, bills piling up, heart rate increased, psychosomatic bullshit diagnostics, house work, Jared failing classes, responsibilities, not showering, new meds don't work, stay alive Dad please, dosing off, wedding ring broken off, bed pans, dishes, on edge, nurses taking their time, speaking in the future, the look in your eyes, I want to cry, defensive, waiting, waiting, gas in car again, money, food, pain, fake smiles, neurologists, tumors, malformations, aneurysms, bleeds, clot shots, shaking in elevator, eyes roll back in head, Dad's getting worse, mom's still seizing, crying, all she wants is to come home.

To my family: Andrew, Liz, Travis, Jared, Chase, Marianne, Mom and Dad
It went from some of the happiest days to the worst. Thanks for souplantaion, your sense of humor, video games, pineapple express, hot tea, coming home to sleep, changing shifts at the hospital, loving, and calling the nurses, driving for hours, and being by her side. She would be there for you, she is undeserving of this more than anyone I know, she loves us so much. After this is all over it will never be "back to normal" and I will get exhausted, but she will be okay, it will take time, and we can only hope it does not persist and she can recover. Now we wait, and continue what we have been doing, trying to sleep as much as we can, I will be there again for you mom, we all will.

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Sat Apr 9, 2011, 2:20 PM
Deviant art has made me not want to draw anymore. It just irritates me when I think I did a decent job on a drawing and it gets no favorites or comments for months. Erg. Why is internet acceptance so important!! I guess I will just keep up my mediocre work and hope to get better. SUPER SAD FACE.


Mood: self destructive.

I need to post more